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Chick Brooder Heating Plate (10" X 10") Set - 13 Watts

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Heater Plate + Feather
Heater Plate + Feather + Anti-Roost Cone
Anti-Roost Cone
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Electricity Bill Running 8 Weeks 24/7 (US Average)
2.41 USD
# of Chicks Kept Warm
15 Chicks
Watts Per Hour
13 Watts
Easy Height Adjustment


Find the perfect height for your chicks to keep them at the perfect temperature and grow strong.

It has 25 adjustable height settings. Adjust by as little as 1/4"!

chick heating plate

Hantop UnitedFarm Heater Plates are more practical in every way

The cost to run a 10x10" heat plate is just 2.41 USD over 8 weeks running 24 hours per day. Compare that to your standard 250-watt heat bulb which costs 40.32 USD over 8 weeks. You will save using the Hantop UnitedFarm Heat Plate.

hantop chick heating plate