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Dog Muzzle, Printed Dog Muzzles for Small Medium Large Dogs

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XS-(Snout 3½"-4¾")
S-(Snout 4¾"-6")
M-(Snout 5½"-8")
L-(Snout 7"-9½")
XL-(Snout 8¾"-11")
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Petnoo printed dog muzzles are a great pet lover gift for the dog lover! Give this pattern muzzle to your four-legged friend as the ideal gift!

Suitable for Dachshund, Scottish Terrier, Fox Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Hilti Collie, Jack Russell Terrier, Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Labrador, German Shepherd and so on.

√ Padded liner for added comfort.

√ Variety of bright and trendy prints.

√ A quick-release buckle is helpful to easily put on and off.

√ Durable straps provide reliability and safety of the structure.

√ The lightweight and safe structure does not interfere with free breathing.

√ With the unique printing technology, the high quality pattern doesn’t fade in the sun.

stylish muzzle

Why Choose our Pattern Muzzle?

  • The cloth muzzle is not easily soiled, which is easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • The fabric is lightweight that does not interfere with breathing and is completely imperceptible to the dog.
  • The fashionable muzzle is characterized by a variety of different, bright, trendy, thematic prints to style the pet according to your preferences.

pattern muzzle

When/Why Use A Dog Muzzle?

  • Situations that you just want to be extra-safe.
  • Muzzles can help prevent people from approaching a dog that needs space.
  • Increasing safety during a training or social situation for a dog that has a history of being aggressive or reactive.
  • Using muzzles in emergency situations, such as when the dog has had an accident or injury. Many dogs will bite when in pain and are scared.

fitting muzzle

How to Wear A Muzzle-Step 1

Around the snout one inch below the eyes, measure while the snout is slightly open. Use the measurements to choose a muzzle that fits your dog.

Use treats to attract your dog's attention. When your dog shows interest in the muzzle, adjust the velcro.

fitting muzzle

Step 1

step 2

Step 2

step 3

Step 3

step 4

Step 4