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GPS Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collar7

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Are you looking for electric dog fence?

Then this is the one for you! Our electric dog fence Control range up to 984 Ft. You can use the remote control to set the area range and use it to accurately cover or exclude any area you want.

Wireless Dog Fence Collar and Controller

The old saying: ” You can not teach old dogs new tricks” is true in real-life. Training dogs starts during their puppyhood. And among all the tricks that are important to teach your dogs, the basic one is training them on how to respect boundaries. This wireless dog fence is a collar and controller training system that helps puppies and dogs understand their perimeter and territory. It is very important that dogs know which areas of the house they are allowed and where they are not. When dogs know their space, they will not get in the way with your personal life as their owner. They also become calmer even when around other dogs because they know their territory. Although the collar has a “static shock” mode, take note that this product does not intend to harm the animals.

Training Modes

With every package, you will get a set of the controller and the collars. Although, the number of collars that you get per package depends on the package that you choose. Kindly scroll over to the variants portion of this page for more details. There are three training modes that you can use with the collar: tone, vibration, and static shock. The tone and vibration are ideal for puppies and younger dogs. However, if you are training bigger and older dogs, you may use the static shock mode. Again, take note that the “static shock” does not cause injury or pain to the dogs and animals that you intend to use this product with. It is a tolerable amount of “shock” that does not cause any injury to the pet. Instead, it’s just a form of training dogs through the reward-punishment system.

Perimeter Training

The main purpose of this training kit is to keep dogs in a radius of 250 meters. This is ideal if you have a home with a wide-open space or if you are taking your dogs out to a park to play.



1. Combine the dog training system with the wireless fence system.

2. Easy operation and convenient mode switching.

3. It can reliably protect your pet’s safety.

4. Excellent training for your pet at the set border.

5. Waterproof and rechargeable collar receiver.

6. Waterproof TPU collar for dog neck size below 22 inches.

7. The remote distance is up to 250 meters and the maximum remote radius is 150 meters.

8. Independent “alarm”, “vibration” and “electrostatic shock” three functions for selection.



Product name: Pet Dog Fence

Color: Black

Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Transmitter size: 12*9*2.5cm (4.7*3.5*1.0inch)

Receiver size: 6*3.5*3cm (2.4*1.4*1.2inch)

Strap length: 71cm (30inch)

Strap width: 2cm (0.8inch)

Power supply input: 100-240V 50-60Hz

Output: 5V 1A

Transmitter charging time: 4 hours

Transmitter standby time: about one week

Receiver charging time: 4 hours

Receiver standby time: about one week



1 Dog System Package Included:

1x Wireless Transmitter
1x Collar Receiver
1x Adjustable TPU Strap
1x Cord
1x USB Cable
1x Adapter
1x LED Test Light
1x User Manual
2x Metal Contact Probes

2 Dogs System Package Included:

1x Wireless Transmitter
2x Collar Receiver
2x Adjustable TPU Strap
1x Cord
1x USB Cable
1x Adapter
1x LED Test Light
1x User Manual
4x Metal Contact Probes

3 Dogs System Package Included:

1x Wireless Transmitter
3x Collar Receiver
3x Adjustable TPU Strap
1x Cord
1x USB Cable
1x Adapter
1x LED Test Light
1x User Manual
6x Metal Contact Probes



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