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IPRee 3.7V LED USB Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp Bulb Dispeller

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I hate mosquitoes! The bites. The buzzing. Scratches. Swelling.

They break my summers each year...

When I consider amusing summertime season sports like camping, playing my own circle of relatives food at the terrace, BBQ with friends, I get tension and itchiness simply considering the one's mosquitoes. I'm like a magnet for the one's animals. Every summertime season I might be included with dozens of pink welts and feature horrible swelling. Not to say the itch!

I attempted everything. DEET sprays, lotions, the one's anti-trojan horse candles,...

Those unique trojan horse repellent candles and sprays scent awful. Some even incorporate poisonous chemical compounds. These are so dangerous that a few were BANNED in lots of countries. Mosquitoes also are evolving and turning into RESILIENT to the poisons and repellents. The worst part? The sprays did not even paintings whilst my granddaughter used them! I sense so sorry for the negative child.

FuzeBug - Prevent Mosquito Bites

That mosquito spray with DEET changed into of no need at all.

I notion I might by no means be capable of eliminating the sleepless summertime season nights and painful itchiness. But then I changed into despatched this new trojan horse zapper to check and review.

This new trojan horse zapper is promoting like loopy and the call for amazed everyone. The tool may be very portable, extremely secure and kills demanding bugs fast

What Is It?

It's known as FuzeBug.

The tool changed into design with the aid of using engineers who had been uninterested with being bitten even as camping. They discovered that conventional anti-mosquito gadgets had been both the use of poisonous chemical compounds, the use of risky excessive voltages or certainly did not paintings.

That's why they designed this new genius tool:

FuzeBug Mosquito Zapper Device

It's an ultra-modern kind of trojan horse catcher.

Finally there may be an opportunity to dangerous insect repellent which you observe on your skin.

People are the use of this tool to live 'mosquito free' and the consequences are amazing.

How Does It Work?

FuzeBug Mosquito Trap Technology

The patented layout is each revolutionary and really effective.

Instead of seeking to maintain the mosquitoes away or zapping them with excessive voltage, it honestly attracts, catches, and kills them!

FuzeBug makes use of UV mild to draw bugs. A quiet suction fan and a 1-manner trapdoor maintain them trapped. The insects might be air-dried to die in only below 2 minutes (they quickly die without moisture).

Once trapped withinside the drying basket, you could certainly empty the basket into the trash. You must not even contact them.

It's powered with the aid of using a USB connection. The low voltage makes it flawlessly secure for kids and pets.

And it is very portable! You may even plug it right into an energy financial institution and take it with you whilst you move camping!

No want for chemical compounds or batteries. It's additionally very silent whilst operating.

Key FuzeBug Features, Facts, and Benefits:

✅ Safe For Pets And Children

The device works on a low voltage, making it safe to use. It doesn't make dogs or cats nervous.

✅ Very Portable

The device is small enough to carry with you while camping or in your luggage when you are taking a flight. If you want to use it while camping, a simple USB power bank is all you need to enjoy a full night of usage.

✅ No Chemicals

It does not use any chemicals like DEET. This means less exposure to toxicity, no greasy feel, and no smells. Perfect for people sensitive to skin allergies or pregnant ladies.

✅ Easy To Clean

Cleaning is fast and easy.

✅ Also kills other annoying insects

Flies can be really annoying inside the house. FuzeBug will quickly trap them so they can't bug you anymore.


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