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Poop Scooper

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Does it bother you when you have to clean up after your dog when you take him out for a walk?

All animal lovers are familiar with this. After a long day of work, you take your dog out for a walk. And, as is the case with all dogs, they have to relieve themselves. 

Say goodbye to the mess and unpleasant odors! With the Poop Scooper you keep your hands clean and it makes cleaning up after your dog a breeze"

EASY TO USE - Thanks to the built-in compartment, you always have a plastic bag at the ready. Effortlessly clean up after your dog in one swift motion and continue your walk with your beloved pet.

KEEP IT TIDY - Regardless of how much you love your dog, it is unpleasant to carry dirty bags during walks. With our Poop Scooper, you will no longer have to deal with unpleasant odors and the bags will be securely sealed to prevent any leakage.

NEIGHBOUR FRIENDLY - Of course we all want to be liked, especially by our neighbours. If your dog poops all over the place, you won’t be very popular. The dog poop scooper is the perfect solution to pick up dog mess and ensures that you are a good neighbor.

FOR ALL ENVIRONMENTS - It doesn't matter what surface you use the Poop Scooper on; whether it's grass, concrete, gravel, or any other surface, you can get rid of the mess in no time.

EASILY PORTABLE - Taking the Poop Scooper with you is really easy. You can easily attach the Poop Scooper to your dog's leash. You won't need to carry it separately or bring an extra bag.

STYLISH - Stylish and available in various colors, there is always one that will suit your needs.


Please note: Due to high demand, we are almost out of stock.

Once we are out of stock, it could take up to three weeks before we resume deliveries. At that time the current discounts will no longer be in effect.


What’s the shipping time?
Processing time - 24-72 hours.  Usually our shipments arrive within 7-12 business days after purchasing.
Can I return my package?

Yes! We have a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

How do i exchange products?

To request a refund or exchange, you must contact us by email at and provide the reason for your return or exchange along with your order number, which can be found in your order confirmation email.

How much does shipping cost?

When the order over AU$80, we offer free shipping. Duty-free and no hidden costs!