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Comfy Electric Head Massager

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Purrfectly Relaxing! 
A Massager For Both Humans & Pets
Look!🐱 Just like us, 😼pets enjoy massage!

Pets love to be stroked by their hosts. And our 3D head massager for pets can do it better. Give your lovely cat a full body massage today.

And the Massager is designed to fit human massage needs as well. Use it onto forehead, temple, shoulder, back neck and more! The soothing and relaxing effects will amaze both you and your pets! 

USB charging
One-Click operation old people are easy to use
  • PET MASSAGER:  with 76 small contacts can work both in clockwise & anti-clockwise Rotation to imitate human fingers provide your pet a unforgettable massage experience. And it also helps with blood circulation, it can also enhance the cleanliness of the shower, help to remove dirt.
  • PET FRIENDLY: The massager works on both cats and dogs! Use a skin massage machine as a skin brush to avoid direct contact with the nails on the skin and do not harm the pet's skin. 
  • 4 MASSAGE MOTOR: The 4 motor massager reduces general anxiety and stress by providing multiple levels of massage while enhancing circulation and aiding in digestion.This massager can help increase your pet’s circulation and relax tense muscles which commonly caused by fears of thunder and lightning storms, fireworks or other loud noises.
  • SIMPLE CHARGING AND CLEANING: Pet Massager simple design saves you money and time. Charge with USB to reuse, and wash the waterproof soft silicone massage heads for a quick and easy clean! And the best part is, pet parents can try it too! Animated GIF
  • The massage tool helps to Relax and Destress your pet. It’s the perfect remedy for when your pet is stressed like after a move, a trip to the vet, or when you have house guests.
  • LOW NOISE: Creates no more than 40dB of noises (lower than normal chatting volume) while operating. Provides you and your pets the best massaging experience without any interruption. 
Product Specification:
  • Size: diameter: 103mm; height: 139mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Colors: Pink/White/Blue

Package Includes: 
1 x Comfy Pet Massager and 1x USB Charging Cable
Q & A
Is this water proof?
Yes, the scalp massager is waterproof and easy to clean.
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